About Us

This website (also known as “landfill’) was set up as a tribute to one of America’s greatest lunatics: Donald J. Dump

We intend to post comical tweets, photos, videos, and anything else that you, our readers, may find entertaining. In many instances, the material that we post, will actually be words straight out of the mouth from the man himself (as hard as that may be to believe).

More importantly, we need YOUR blogs (also known as “taking out the trash” or “trashers”). Donald J. Dump wanted toupee $5,000,000 to charity if our president would disclose his transcript. Well we want 5,000,000 trashers to fill up this landfill.

Landfill Under Construction: As we try to figure out how to make Donald J. Dump Eco-friendly, to guard against Global Warming, we ask you to please submit your trash to donaldjdump@gmail.com.


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